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"Where did you find that tank top?" This is a question you'll probably hear quite a bit. Aside from the stunning floral print set against a navy blue background, this tank top is beautifully tailored. Nipped just enough to look fabulous without clinging too closely to the body. The scoop neck? Perfect. Women's tank tops.
Navy Combo Floral Scoop Neck Tank Top
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Say hello to what could easily be your next favorite tank top. It's made of soft, comfortable cotton so it feels great from the moment you put it on. It's designed to hug your body for a flattering fit. Women's tank tops.
Tidepool/White Cotton Scoop Neck Tank Top Navy/White Cotton Scoop Neck Tank Top Chive/Rye Cotton Scoop Neck Tank Top
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Our cotton scoop neck tank tops will never, ever go out of style. They're styled to fit beautifully (look how this one hugs the body). It's perfect for layering under a jacket, blazer or sweater. We think you'll love it, which is why we're offering it in so many great colors! Women's scoop neck tank tops.
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